5,000 Feet of Gift Wrap + 900 bows = $4,700 raised for Services to the Armed Forces

KTUU Morning Edition reporters Ariane Aramburo and David George join the American Red Cross of Alaska gift wrap station December 19 as part of their #sharekindness initiative. All benefits from the wrap station will support the Red Cross of Alaska Service to the Armed Forces program.

You may be feeling some relief with the holidays over, but the Anchorage chapter of the American Red Cross of Alaska is already blocking off some hours for December 2017. Part of this is due to how successful we were with our second year at the Dimond Center Mall gift-wrapping station. Volunteers from the Red Cross and Credit Union 1 used nearly 5,000 feet of wrapping paper and over 900 bows on a four-week-wrapping marathon leading up to Christmas. The shoppers, whose holiday-induced anxiety we helped relieve, were particularly grateful—helping us raise nearly $4,700.

This was the second year in a row that the Red Cross of Alaska was able to partner with the Dimond Mall and volunteers from Credit Union 1. These partnerships are essential to helping the Red Cross raise funds for our Services to the Armed Forces Program.

Credit Union 1 has provided invaluable assistance to the Red Cross of Alaska on a number of occasions throughout the year. In 2016, not only were they our biggest source of volunteer hours at the wrapping station but they helped us at the Real Hero Breakfast, Malloween, and our Alaska Aces event. Credit Union 1 has also held a branch-wide Red Cross fundraiser that has brought in as much as $7000. It’s difficult to know how to thank people for being so generous with their time and energy, but thanking them is a good place to start. Thank you, Credit Union 1!

Getting a chance to host the gift-wrapping station at the Dimond Center Mall certainly has been a Christmas miracle. Two years ago, when Red Cross representatives were going to thank the Dimond Mall for donating $10,000 to help with the Sockeye Fire in 2015, they offered us a chance host it. Again, thank you so much.

Besides the amazing partnerships the Red Cross has with Dimond Center and Credit Union 1, the most heartwarming part of the wrap station is the volunteers, the youth clubs giving their time, and the amazing stories from the customers of how the Red Cross has helped them in times of crisis.

If you have some leftover wrapping paper, tape, or ribbons that you don’t want taking up storage space, we’ll gladly take them as donations year round. No paper or ribbons but you want to shake off some holiday Grinch? Consider joining us next year for a few hours before you go looking for presents.   http://www.redcross.org/volunteer/become-a-volunteer#step1

For more information on a corporate partnership with the Red Cross of Alaska click here:


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