Julie’s Journal: My Week with the Disaster Team

Julie headshot
Julie Kent, American Red Cross of Alaska Chief Development Officer

My name is Julie Kent and I am the Chief Development Officer for the Red Cross of Alaska.

Most days, I deal with fundraising and donors but I have a unique connection to our disaster team. Because it’s what they do that allows me to ask donors to support us.

So knowing what they do every day is very important to my work.

I offered to be on the DAT team (what we call our Disaster Action Team) for a week, going on calls anytime of the day or night. Seeing firsthand what they see. Meeting with people who have just been affected by disaster. Offering help to those in need. This way, when I talk to donors, I can speak firsthand about what we do.

I’m so excited but I’m thinking I should not underestimate how hard it might be. Most fires happen during the night so lack of sleep may be a concern and may affect my daily living. Also, dealing with devastation and high emotions from those affected by disaster may be more than I expect. This is what our disaster team does EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. I can’t wait to spend a week in their shoes.

I’m so excited to be a part of this team and will keep a log every day of my actions with the team.

I start on Monday morning. Wish me luck!

-Julie Kent, Regional Chief Development Officer Red Cross of Alaska

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