Julie’s Journal: Day 1 on Call

So, today starts my week of volunteering for the Disaster Action Team (DAT Team). Before I went to bed last night, I realized, I NEED TO BE READY! Because at any moment this week, I may get the call to drop everything and respond to a home fire or disaster.

I’m both excited and nervous because I assume if I do receive a call, it may not be at the perfect moment and I may have to just drop everything and go! But I do know that I’m so honored to have the opportunity to see firsthand what we do and after the initial excitement of my first call, I know the depth of our mission will take over once I’m on the scene.

If all of Alaska is safe and sound from disaster this week and I don’t receive a call,  I already feel like I understand our DAT team better and appreciate that they always hold a little part of their life aside in case they are called upon.

My appreciation of them is growing by the day!

On with Day 1!

-Julie Kent, Regional Chief Development Officer, Red Cross of Alaska

This is a series of journal posts documenting our Regional Chief Development Officer’s journey as a member of our Disaster Action Team for one week. Read Julie’s original post here:



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