Julie’s Journal: Day 2 on Call- False Alarms and a Perspective Change

It’s day 2 of being on DAT (Disaster Action Team)! Good news is Anchorage is safe and sound from home fires and disasters so I had a full night sleep. Funny moment yesterday when the DAT captain, Bruce, was in my office. His beeper went off and I said, Oh man! Is it time? And he said, No. It’s just my buzzer to let me know it’s time for lunch. Phew!

But I was ready! Went to sleep wondering if I was going to get a call. Made sure my phone was not on Do Not Disturb and was prepared that I could get that call anytime.

I watched this video yesterday :

I’m starting to think I’m going to be sad when this week is over. How amazing to be a part of this tremendous work.

It’s very interesting being connected to disasters. I’ve never woke up in the morning thinking of whether or not something bad has happened in our city the night before. Like you, I just wake up and go about my day. There was something comforting to wake knowing that if I didn’t receive a call, then Anchorage was safe from disaster last night.

I love how this experience is really changing my daily perspective. I thought this journey would be great but it’s even better than I expected.


-Julie Kent, Regional Chief Development Officer Red Cross of Alaska

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