Julie’s Journal: Day 3 on call with the Red Cross Disaster Action Team

Day 3 on the Disaster Action Team (DAT) and Anchorage is safe and sound once again!

I was driving into downtown and saw smoke coming from the side of a house. I thought, oh my goodness, am I going to be called to this shortly?

Pulling up close to the house, I could see they had a large meat smoker going. Phew! But I was ready!

My thoughts this morning went to all emergency/disaster personal, such as our fireman, police and paramedics. This is their life every day. Out on the streets, in our community, responding at all hours of the day. Keeping us safe.

I don’t think I’ve even been more grateful or understanding of them as I am right now.

Again, I will do this job for 1 week. Emergency responders and Red Cross respond and have to be ready 365 days a year. What respect and gratitude they are due!

-Julie Kent, Regional Chief Development Officer, Red Cross of Alaska

Julie in firefighter coat
Julie Kent, Red Cross of Alaska Chief Development Officer in a vintage Red Cross firefighter’s coat

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